Areas of expertise:

Finding your inspiration as a leader

Work/life balance
Leading teams
Coaching through change

Career Transitions

Effective influencing

Self-awareness and managing impact on others

Building self-confidence

Re-connecting with your passion


How I work

It’s pretty simple to start working with me. We just find a time for a 30 minute chat over Skype/Facetime/phone to hear what’s going on for you and what you would like to get from working with a coach.  This is also a great opportunity to check that the ‘fit’ is right for us to work together. I usually start the coaching with agreement for 6 or 8 sessions initially (you can add sessions on later as required). I coach via phone, Facetime, Skype or face to face and my prices differ, depending on which medium we decide on.

Depending on the scope of the coaching, we would typically meet every month to maintain momentum… sometimes, people want to meet more regularly or less – it’s all flexible as I follow your lead, rather than dictating where you go. Coaching with me is a transformational and fluid process, not prescriptive and often our conversations will end up somewhere completely different from where we started! But that’s all part of the process – to follow your energy and gain insights around the things that matter most to you.

If you would like to explore some options for coaching or any of the services below, you can call me on my mobile or complete one of the contact forms below and I will be in touch shortly.

Executive Coaching

I offer executive coaching to all level of leaders. I coach leaders around many different aspects including: transitioning into new roles, authentic leadership, leading teams, effective influencing, self awareness, impact on others and work/life balance. I coach at every level in an organisation, for businesses large or small.


I offer workshops around team purpose, influencing, vision setting, creative brainstorming, coaching skills, team partnership, leading through change and resilience tools. If you feel your team would benefit from working together as a group to create an inspiring purpose or vision or to learn how to empower their people, I am happy to chat through some options.

Coaching- Personal

Are you looking for someone who can help you slow down and re-connect to the important things in life? Or you would like to discover more about your values and create a personal vision for your life? Would you like to grow your self-confidence? Are you thinking about your next career move? I offer coaching in personal vision & career goals, self-confidence, balance and transition. If you are ‘stuck’ and would like to spend some time thinking about the next steps forward, give me a call…

Feedback and self assessment tools

At Sunflowers and Soul, I can also offer personalised 360 assessments and debriefs. I am accredited in LSI & MBTI and can debrief the results of the feedback as well as administer the tool itself. If you would like to arrange for a 360 or LSI for yourself or your team, please get in touch. I am also experienced in debriefing other feedback tools.